This page provides links to blog posts related to the project,  R package “lsasim”, and international large-scale assessments.

  1.  IRT parameterization: An application of R package lsasim

This blog post outlines how you can obtain comparable item parameter estimates in PARSCALE, mirt, and TAM for two-parameter IRT model. And, specifying item parameters for lsasim.

 2. Biased estimates in simulation scenarios

This blog post highlights that convenience sampling can introduce systematic bias into the estimates in simulation. The example is demonstrated by generating background questionnaire and cognitive response in lsasim and then fitting latent regression model in TAM.

3. Parallelization of simulation code

This blogpost outlines how you can parallelize simulation code. The example outlines you may use Parallel to distribute aspects of your simulation code to multiple nodes on a computer. This blogpost shows the same code that has been parallelized and serialized. In so doing, the advantages of parallelization may be observed.